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A quick introduction to the site is presented in the document in a few sections. If your questions are not answered, then do not hesitate to write to us either using the contact link on the top right page, or better write to mailing list where you can discuss with other users of the site.

Where to start?

You can start by searching for some node in the top right search field. For example type: energy. You will see a list of matches with four kinds of links for each node. Each of the links give you different views of the selected node.

  • Default

    If you click on the title it will take the default (Neighbourhood) view. If you are interested in the learning sequence you should try either roadMap, roadAheadMap or depMap views.

  • Neighbourhood

    Taking the selected node a hyper linked graph of the node's links to the neighbourhood nodes will be shown. This will also provide a simple description of what the node is. How comprehensive the node's description is depends on how much of the node is described by using relations and attributes.

  • roadMap

    The map that shows the learning sequence to the selected node as the learning objective.

  • roadAheadMap

    This map show what other things could one learn having reached the node.

  • depMap

    This map is a combination of both the roadMap and roadAheadMap.

Editing the nodes


Adding multiple dependency links at the same time

 Use the "Build DepMap" link to proceed.  You could use any text editor to write multiple dependencies, one per each line, and submit the file to the server.  The server will parse the file and build the network by inserting new nodes and relations.  The program ignores already existing nodes and relations. 

How to suggest new relations and attributes?


How to join the community of users?


How to contribute to the development of this site?

The site uses GNOWSYS (Gnowledge Networking and Organizing System) as a backend.  GNOWSYS uses gnowql (gnowledge query library) as API.  Some documentation about how you can learn gnowql is available here

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