MakerSpace Chatshaala

MakerSpace Chatshaalas are conversation-based mentoring sessions around making and tinkering projects. These are open to everyone(educators, students, researchers) to join in where one can share the journey of making including the learnings and challenges during the project.

The interactions on MakerSpace chatShalaa webinar are recorded for research and training purposes. Some of the sessions are also live-streamed on youtube for wider outreach and released under creative commons license. The recorded discussions become an important resource for the wider community of educators, students and researchers. This also helps us draw insights about learning in the context of making which is still an under-researched domain. We earnestly seek consent for the members to contribute to the research endeavours and also help co-create Open Educational Resources for wider access.

Here are some examples of recorded conversations,

Here are some example of projects documented on

Joining the MakerSpace Chatshaala

The earlier discussions are recorded and can be found on metaStudio: Here


I don’t have any project idea yet, can I still join these sessions?”
Yes, in fact, joining the session might help you stumble upon new ideas which you could take up.

Do I have to be present for the entire duration of the chatshaala?
It’s up to your availability. You can drop-in and leave anytime depending on your schedule.

I am already working on my project idea and facing a challenge during the implementation. Can I join the session to seek feedback on my project and get help?
Yes. We encourage the sharing of challenges and problems with the community so that there is collaborative learning. We have a diverse group of mentors and community members who are always willing to extend help to support each other. You can also document your challenge on