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Development Projects

of Gnowledge Lab of HBCSE, TIFR

GNOWSYS and Gstudio


Introduction to GNOWSYS

GNOWSYS is a specification for a generic distributed network based memory/knowledge management. Typically computer memory is managed as a tree, or as nested arrays. Our attempt in this project is to represent all forms of declarative and procedural knowledge as a network, and then develop network processing methods to create and publish knowledge as a network.


Node orientated computing

Just as the language LISP provides list oriented computing framework, we try to model the knowledge as nodes in a network. The interpretation (meaning) of a node depends on the links the node has with other nodes, and the interpretation of the other neighbouring nodes in turn depends on their network and so on. The nodes are organized and processed according to a complex data structure called the neighborhood, akin to a frame.

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DOER: Disk of OER

DOER (Distributed Decentralized DISK of Open Online Ongoing Engagement Repository): Our innovations in technology often involve integrating existing technologies for addressing the needs of remote locations. We provide fast Internet as well as a bleeding-edge data center in places where ISPs do not reach. This data center that is delivered as an inter-operable DISK which provides access to sophisticated communication and social networking platform for remote areas. Other similar projects done elsewhere in the world, e.g. Internet-in-a-Box focus on delivering content. While, we focus on the remote communities as producers and not merely consumers of content created elsewhere. Therefore, we package multiple servers that provide Communication and Production Studio that works off the grid in any operating system on a single regular desktop machine using cutting-edge container technology using commodity-ware wireless (radios).

This disk provides fast internet experience along with collaborative workspaces with a ledger, analytics, transmitting and syncing mechanisms to visualize their activities, peer to peer feedback to generate qualitative and quantitative index of their performance. These inter-operable disks are currently being piloted and sent to remote schools in four states in India through the CLIx project in collaboration with Tata Trusts, TISS and NCERT and we are receiving encouraging stories and feedback from them. What we are shipping currently are showcased here: http://nroer.gov.in/, https://clixplatform.tiss.edu and http://doer.metastudio.org/

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Learning Studios: A customized operating system for STEM Education

MOOC on Digital Literacy

MOOC on An Invitation to Connected Learning Initiative (CLIx)