STEM Resources

This section contains the list of open sources resources which will be useful for educators, children, teachers, parents and anyone who is a curious learner. The projects are classified under the following sections:

STEM Investigative Projects - CUBE

This has a rich repository of biology related investigative projects which can be done with simple materials. Students and teachers use simple model organisms like snails, hydra, fruit flies and design their research questions.

STEM Development Projects - MakerSpace

If you love physics, mathematics, electronics and tinkering - you might find the projects in this section useful. Here you can engage in plethora of projects involving simple electronics to designing one’s own PCB board. The spectrum is wide and deep covering projects in domain of wood-working, electronics, and design.

Digital Studio Resources

If you are wondering to figure out meaningful integration of ICT in education, you might find the resources in this section useful. The softwares are FLOSS(Free/Libre and Open Source) and involve meaningful integration of ICT in classroom. The softwares are designed to empowers children to be the producer of content rather than passive consumer.

Learning STEM through simulations

Here are the list of recorded conversational video which integrates simulation to initiate discussion around STEM concepts and phenomena. These are released as OER. More details can be found on metastudio simulation chat category.