Digital Studio

At Gnowledge Lab, we embrace the use of FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software) across diverse domains - digital designing, storytelling, graphic designing, 3D printing, writing, simulations, mathematical modelling etc. which helps one to actively participate as a knowledge creator and hone one’s 21st century skills.

After the launch of metaStudio platform, various digital studio related design/project challenges are documented on the platform which for educators and children as OER (Open Educational Resources).

3D Designing

3D printing is quite popular among the makers’ community. As such, learning an application that empowers on to design 3D models is very central to active participation. The following project challenges are of varying difficulty which are engaging to attempt at the same time, these helps one to hone design and fabrication skills.

To explore the design challenges visit 3D Design section on metastudio


OpenSCAD is a script-only 3D parametric modeler. It is a cross-platform free software used for creating solid 3D CAD objects. Design challenges related to OpenSCAD are below:



FreeCAD is another GUI-based parametric 3D modeler. It is also a FLOSS and widely used by beginners and professionals alike. To understand the work flow and explore the introductory design challenge, visit here

Visual Programming : turtleArt

turtleArt is a great way to explore mathematical and programming concepts in a fun and engaging way. This is inspired by LOGO.

List of turtleArt related challenges can be found here