These are conversational open-source educational video resources to initiate and encourge integration of simulations-based discussion in the teaching-learning process related to STEM topics.

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Learning STEM through Simulation ( List of recorded sessions)

Track Topic & Date
Phy DC Circuit Construction Virtual Lab - 18 Mar 2021
Phy Ohm’s Law - 22nd March, 2021
Phy Faraday’s Law -12th April, 2021
Chem Balancing the Chemical Equation -19 Apr 21
Chem Reactants, Products and Leftovers -26 April, 2021
Chem Reactants, Products and Leftovers (Part II) - 03 May, 2021
Chem Building a molecule -10 May 2021
Chem Molecule Shapes -17th May, 2021
Chem Molecule Shapes (Part II) -24th May, 2021
Chem Molecule Polarity -7th June, 2021
Chem Molecule Polarity (Part II) -21st June, 2021
Phy Bending Light - (Part 1) -22nd June, 2021
Chem Concentration -28 June, 2021
Phy Bending Light (Part II) -29th June, 2021
Chem Beer’s Law Lab (Part 1) -12th July, 2021
Phy Bending Light - (Part III) -06 July 2021
Phy Bending Light (Part IV) -13th July, 2021
Phy Color Vision (Part I) -20th July, 2021
Chem pH Scale -26th July, 2021