turtleArt Chatshaala

HBCSE MakerSpace organised a chatshaala series on “Exploring turtleArt “.

turtleArt is a great way to explore mathematical and programming concepts embedded in art-making centered context. It is inspired by LOGO, which is an educational programming language, designed by Papert et al. as a constructionist learning environment.

The following concepts were explored in the series:

There were two cycles of the turtleArt implemented.

If you are keen to learn more about this, you can register on metastudio.org and start exploring turtleChat where you will find all the resources to begin with.

For those new to turtleArt, these links will be useful

  1. Getting started with turtleArt
  2. One you complete the above, you can try attempting the following challenge and share your work like the other participants, Attempting the polygon challenge
  3. Here is a curated list of projects which you might find interesting. List of curated turtleArt projects
  4. If you discover something new, do share your creation with us on turtleChat.