MakerSpace at Gnowledge Lab of HBCSE

HBCSE has launched a new initiative to support and improve the quality of engagements in the makerspaces and tinkering labs that are being setup in many schools across the country. This makerspace follows the CUBE (Collaborative Understanding of Biology Education) model of project based STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education, which focuses on conversations around making and investigative projects. The engagements emphasize documenting the process of making and investigations as a primary goal, with a lesser emphasis on finishing the project. This design creates sufficient opportunities for all the members to engage in conversations based on written and digital media, which are essential for authentic learning. We developed a sophisticated platform that awards badges based on the activity of each registered user. We regularly conduct workshops for teachers (along with students).

About MakerSpace

The focus is on Do-it-Yourself (DIY), free and open source (FOSS) scientific instruments, hardware or anything that involves making, tinkering and engineering for research and educational purposes. Such project challenges are designed to help students and teachers develop ideation, design thinking, parametric thinking, and computational thinking abilities. The makerspace also organises workshops for both teachers and students across India to get them excited about STEM education while nurturing their inherent creativity and curiosity. Currently, the space is equipped with digital fabrication technologies, wood-workshop and electronics prototyping labs. Few of the projects made so far are Instruino, Hard Disk Centrifuge, DIY Gaming Station, Hydroponics, DIY Weather Station, DIY Spectrophotometer, DIY web-camera based microscope. Complete list of projects can be found here

Here are the key activities of makerspace:

Pedagogical Framework

The initiative is inspired by constructionist, and connectionist models of education which recognize the best context for learning as written, verbal and expressive conversation in a constructive and playful environment. Conversation and discourse around the project(making) becomes the central theme of the knowledge construction. The learning environment is kept as close-to-life and as close-to-professional practices as possible by incorporating a number of citizen science projects.

STEMGames MakerSpace Workshop and Orientation Programs

Here is the list of orientation sessions and workshops done under the MakerSpace Initiative:

The design of the workshops

Project Challenges

Details of the projects challenges can be found here